Sustainable Gardening Classes

On Saturday, February 6th from 10:30-11:30 am PST, Snohomish Conservation District and King County Waste Treatment Division will be hosting a free webinar about easy ways to start a sustainable food garden. Learn the benefits of sustainable gardening and discover a wide variety of resources to help get started in the spring. To learn more about this event and register visit this link: Stay tuned for more sustainable landscaping and gardening classes from the Sustainable Yard Care series. You can find the course list on the King County Events Page:

ORCA Sensors and Student Green Fee

The EvCC ORCA (Ocean Research Academy) program uses a variety of sensors and equipment to monitor ocean temperatures, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and more. This important data is not only used in the ORCA program, but is also shared with other classes, the scientific community, and the general public. To view live data from the sensors visit this link:

Mount Baker Terminal Sensor data is represented in this graph.

ORCA recently purchased two new Seabird CTD 16 plus sensors that monitor dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and pH. ORCA was able to purchase these through the Student Green Fee. The Green Fee is an exciting opportunity for students to propose and fund sustainable ideas on campus through college funding. Students can submit proposals but keep in mind that proposals will stop being accepted after January 31st. More information can be found at this link:

A seal next to a sensor

SEA Club Green Cleaning Class

On January 26th at 1:30, the Students for Environmental Action (SEA) club will be hosting an event about creating homemade sustainable cleaning products. Demonstrations in this event will showcase how to make toilet bowl cleaner, a bleach alternative, and tile/grout cleaning solution. The zoom meeting ID is 859 0333 8413

To follow along with the making of these products during the event, have these ingredients available:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: baking soda, spray bottle, Castile or other concentrated liquid soap

Bleach Alternative: lemon juice, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, old bleach bottle or 2 liter pop bottle

Tile/Grout Cleaner: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, Castile or other concentrated liquid soap, jar with screw top lid

EvCC Greenhouse

The campus may be closed but the Greenhouse at Everett Community College is still alive and well! Grounds Lead, John Syson, and his crew, have been taking good care of these plants.

John Syson standing next to tall dieffenbachia plants
John Syson standing next to dieffenbachia plants.

The Greenhouse is used to propagate plants and grow annual flowers used by the Grounds department to beautify the campus. In the last 11 years that John Syson has worked for EvCC, he has transformed the college grounds from a lifeless and bland college environment to bursting with life and beauty everywhere you look. In speaking with John, it is clear that he has a true passion for what he does. He says, “Plants are as honest as they can be, as long as you speak their language they tell you what they need. You just have to listen.”

When the campus is open, the Greenhouse is also used to grow vegetables for Laura Wild’s nutrition class and extra vegetables are donated the the Early Learning Center.

Photo of plants intended for plant swap
These are all plants we were planning on using for the Earth Week 2020 plant swap.

Another use of the Greenhouse is to grow plants for EvCC’s annual Earth Week plant swap. (Although last years plant swap was cancelled due to covid, we are hoping to be able to figure out a way to continue the plant swap this year. Come back for updates on this years plant swap)

tiny bananas growing
Bananas are starting grow!

Trail Work At Little Mountain

Little Mountain Park is located in Mt. Vernon. This park has many wonderful trails to bike and hike. With help from organizations like Evergreen Bike Alliance and Mount Vernon Parks Foundation, the Mt. Vernon Trail Corps have been working on a new mountain bike skills park at Little Mountain while continuing maintenance work on existing trails. Mt. Vernon Trail Corps is committed to crafting and maintaining a sustainable multi-use trail system that’s built to last. To learn more about Little Mountain Park and how to help out visit this link: Sign up for the mailing list to keep up to date with opportunities to volunteer.

NatS103 Sustainability and Systems Library Guide

This library guide for the Sustainability and Systems class is a great resource for research and learning about the library system. There’s a wide variety of studies and databases in this guide as well as the EvCC AASHE (The Association for the Advancement of Higher Learning) sustainability presentation. Visit this link to access the library guide:

Everett Wind Team

The Everett Wind Team is a combined effort from Washington State University Everett and Everett Community College that’s working on exciting new turbine designs and projects for an upcoming interdisciplinary wind energy competition. They need help from students pursuing a wide variety of majors. This is a great opportunity to learn, network, and add some community service to a resume.

Sustainable Agri-Foods and Agri-Tech Webinar

This webinar from Cascadia Innovation Corridor is an opportunity to learn more about Covid-19’s impact on supply chain’s for local producers, buyers, emergency food systems and how the growing agri-tech industry is expanding opportunities available for local farmers. Copy and paste this into your browser to access the registration page:

Sagebrush Sea Webinar

Audobon Washington will be holding a free webinar on November 16th on the sagebrush steppe habitat of the western United States often referred to as the “sagebrush sea”. This is a vast open landscape filled with native grasses and plants like sagebrush. In Washington State, 10.5 million acres of the Columbia Plateau ecoregion used to be like this but now only about half of that historic landscape is left. This webinar is an opportunity to learn more about this incredible ecosystem and how to preserve it. To sign up for the webinar register with this link:

A male greater sage grouse putting on a display during mating season. Photo Credit: Schroeder/Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Lake Stevens Rain Barrel Sale and Stillaguamish Waterways Webinar

A rain barrel is a container used to catch rainwater(often from rooftop runoff via pipes), which can be used for watering plants and other outdoor uses. It’s a great way to conserve water while saving money on water bills! Visit the included link to preorder a rain barrel(for $55 plus tax) from the Snohomish Conservation District. They will be available to pick up on November 14th from 10am to 12pm at the Lake Stevens City Hall. Please wear a mask!

Snohomish Conservation District’s Habitat and Floodplains team will also be holding a webinar on November 14th from 3:30-5:00pm about waterways such as rivers, streams, and creeks and the do’s and don’ts of living next to one. This will be very informative for those who live next to a waterway; particularly those who live in the Stillaguamish Watershed. Topics that will be covered in this webinar include water quality, local wildlife, river processes, waterway regulations, and resources like free site visits and financial assistance programs. Visit this link to sign up: This webinar will also be posted on their Youtube channel at a later date.