The Northwest Stream Center and the Importance of Preserving our Watersheds

The Northwest Stream Center is an important area that helps to protect the North Creek watershed and the riparian zone. They are partnered with the Adopt a Stream Foundation. What is a watershed and a riparian zone? A watershed is the large area of land that drains/”sheds” water into a stream, river, lake, wetland, etc. The riparian zone is the vegetation area next to a river or stream that affects that aquatic system’s ecology. It is very important to protect these valuable ecosystems because many animals and plants live there and improves water quality. In the 1970’s the area here used to be a parking lot; now it’s a lovely restored watershed ecosystem that you can explore! Thanks to the hard work that still continues here, the ecosystem has changed completely. If you would like to learn more about the Northwest Stream Center, check out their website via the following link:

This 1/2 mile boardwalk guides you through the surrounding woods, streams, and wetlands. This boardwalk was made from 100% recycled plastic lumber, which is equivalent to 1.97 million one-gallon plastic milk jugs.
A sculpture of an ancient ice age saber-tooth salmon known as Oncorhynchus rastrosus
A trout seen from the stream viewing exhibit at the Northwest Stream Center.
Freshwater mussels seen from the viewing area.