Enjoy Nature

Experience the beauty of the outdoors by going out for a walk and enjoying the falling leaves. There is nothing like having a picnic with family and throwing a frisbee around during fall festivities. You can also decorate your home with items found in nature or a local pumpkin patch.

Fall — the best hiking season! Larches glowing gold in the high country, maples and alder blazing orange and yellow, and crisp blue skies. 

The very nature of hiking makes it a very ecological-friendly activity already. You use your own legs to propel yourself, no gas or harmful emissions. Hiking teaches us to live on less, make do with whatever we packed, appreciate water and natural resources.

Hiking trails are accessible for everyone who wants to explore them, but not all trails are created equal.

Some trails are suitable for people who want to take it slow and easy — whether they’re grandparents with kids, individuals who use wheelchairs, travelers just out for a stroll, or the visually impaired.  

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For a wheelchair or stroller-friendly click here https://www.wta.org/go-outside/seasonal-hikes/summer-destinations/ada-accessible-hikes

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