Zero Waste at EverettCC Cosmetology 

As the world faces a serious global climate change crisis, it’s important – now more than ever – to stand up together and make change happen. 

We’re proud to have our Cosmetology team who are making an impact – one bag of beauty waste at a time. “Together, we’re showing our guests and our communities that we make beauty sustainable”

They are a part of Green Circle Salon, which is a company that helps divert waste from landfills. out hair clippings, single-use items, and metal. 

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Here is what they accomplished in 2023.

They recycled 173 pounds of waste that was recycled and reused. 

They recycled 48 pounds of metal, which is about 13.9 bikes.

They recycled 6 pounds of hair, which is about 440 haircuts. 

They recycled 117 pounds of single-use items, which is converted to 0.1 K Wh of clean energy. 

A zero waste approach can build community capacity, support marginalized communities and protect community health.

Going zero waste can help reduce localized pollution in neighborhoods, cities, and towns thanks to fewer deliveries and trips to the shop, as well as less trash being burned in incinerators and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. The same goes for landfills; less trash in the ground means more usable space and a reduced chance of toxins seeping into the local groundwater. Combined, this makes for happier, healthier communities with all of these factors also true on a global scale.

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Mariya Zelenskyy – Media and Outreach Coordinator