Cedar Grove and Sound Sustainable Farms

I had the opportunity to tour both Cedar Grove, in Everett, and Sound Sustainable Farms, in Redmond.

While at Cedar Grove, I was able to watch the composting process in action. The most notable aspect of the visit was how much plastic makes its way into composting bins and then how much effort must be used to successfully remove it.

On my trip to Sound Sustainable Farms, I was able to see the results of using Cedar Grove’s compost to grow produce. By using the compost from Cedar Grove, Sound Sustainable Farms is able to grow nutritious food, while also making sure they leave the soil in better condition than they found it. As we toured the farm, I was able to stop and pick tomatoes, carrots, beets, and a pumpkin! I loved seeing how Cedar Grove and Sound Sustainable Farms overlapped with one another and how they worked at incorporating sustainable practices.

To learn more about Cedar Grove and Sound Sustainable Farms, visit their websites: https://www.soundsfarms.com/about  and https://cedar-grove.com/about-us