All About Hummingbirds!

At this time of year hummingbirds are everywhere! These are some of the smallest birds in the world, and they can hover in place and even fly backwards! There are only two hummingbird species that can be found in Western Washington, the year around Anna’s hummingbird and the seasonal Rufous hummingbirds that arrive around April or May on their migration from Central and South America. So, this is the perfect time to try to attract some.

Hummingbirds prefer long tubular flowers such as fuchsias, bee balm, butterfly bushes, columbine, trumpet vine, beardtongue, hummingbird mint, snapdragon and more( , ). Hummingbirds also love nectar, which can be made at home and put into a hummingbird feeder. Check out this link to find a hummingbird nectar recipe: