P Patch Gardening

A p patch is a parcel of property that people can acquire and use to garden and grow food/plants. Groups of p patches are gathered together in community gardens. The P patch term is actually unique to the Seattle area. It is named after the Picardo family who pioneered this kind of collaborative gardening style. P patches a great way to garden away from home and help out the community.

Bayside P Patch is a lovely example of a community garden in Everett. Bayside offers great views of Possession Sound and an interesting juxtaposition of beautiful plants on the terraced hill overlooking old Everett Factories. Visit their website to learn more: http://baysidena.yolasite.com/p-patch.php. Also check out this great article written by a local gardener about their experience growing food at Bayside P Patch: https://salishmagazine.org/community-gardens/.

Photo taken at the Beacon Hill Food Forest community garden in Seattle