Green Fee Background

Are you a current student with ideas on how to make EvCC more sustainable? 

The EvCC Student Green Fee has funds available and will be accepting student proposals Jan 1st through Jan 31st 2024

Submit yours to be a part of making EvCC a more sustainable place! 

For details and instructions or to learn about previously funded projects Click Here

In order to submit a proposal, please follow these instructions:

  1.  First, download and save both the budget proposal form, as well as the SMARTS worksheet
  2. Second, fill out the documents, saving them under the following format: ProjectPropsalName.Date.GreenFeeBPF and ProjectProposalName.Date.GreenFeeSMARTS
  3. Finally, email completed documents to

Background of the Green Fee:

In May 2018, EvCC students had the opportunity to vote on whether to assess the proposed Student Green Fee, a $0.50 (fifty cent) per credit fee, with a maximum of $7.50 for 15 credits that would fund various sustainability and environmentally-focused projects and activities on campus while giving the student body more influence over how the campus approaches sustainability. 

With 70% of ballots in favor of the proposed fee and board approval, fee collection began in Winter Quarter of 2019. The uses of the funds from this fee include:

  • Creation of the Campus Sustainability Fund to provide funding and resources to the campus community in the effort to advance the sustainability goals of the College and the ASEvCC.
  • Student employment opportunities in the Sustainability Office
  • Supplemental funds for outreach, education and materials for the Sustainability Office.
  • ASB Senate and BOT approved the Student Green Fee Financial Code 
  •  and Agreement Document 

Learn more about EvCC Sustainability or email to