Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

We know that the plastic pollution problem is HUGE.  

Sometimes it feels like our society is just starting to figure out that plastic isn’t great and eliminating single-use plastic should be the goal.  Single-use plastics are disproportionately polluting our oceans and strangling our marine life, kills our wildlife, plants and natural habitats, emits dangerous greenhouse gases that exacerbate global warming, and somehow, even makes its way back into our own bellies as microplastics. 

Of all the plastic produced today, over half is designed to be single-use, and less than 9% is recycled. We need to stop ocean pollution and plastic waste at the source, and that means changing our individual behaviours too. 

Below are some Tips for Getting Started on a Plastic-Free Life:

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle

Globally, over a million plastic bottles are sold every. single. minute.  Investing in a reusable water bottle is one of the simplest ways that you can stay hydrated without contributing to one of the largest sources of single use plastic.  

3. Say no to plastic bags

More and more stores are banning plastic bags (or by “banning” we mean, charging for them too). If you want to help the planet and also save yourself the five cents for a plastic bag at the store, bring your reusable tote bags whenever you go shopping.

5. Avoid single-use plastic to-go containers 

We love a world of convenience, but we certainly don’t love a world filled with plastic.  Cooking or packing your lunch is a great way to avoid plastic or Styrofoam to-go containers.  

6. Shop “Zero Waste” where you can 

We know it can be challenging to find a good zero waste or bulk food store, however food markets are a great option for those looking to cut out single use plastics from their food shop.  Farmers markets usually have a great selection of fresh produce, minus the plastic. Shopping locally also helps to support local farmers and limits the amount of carbon emissions from food transportation.

7. Ditch the Clingfilm

When storing food, it can be easy to reach for a disposable plastic lunch bag, or clingfilm.  Instead of choosing to keep leftover food in disposable plastic containers, invest in some reusable food storage containers, or nifty beeswax wraps that can keep your food fresh without the plastic!

8. Don’t forget single-use plastics in your bathroom

We usually think about single-use plastics in terms of food and drink, but don’t forget about the plastics in your bathroom! From toothbrushes, shampoos, lotions and potions, the plastics in your bathroom can add up! Try opting for bars of soap instead of body wash, seek out plastic-free alternatives where you can, and if you’re feeling adventurous, give solid shampoo a try!

9. Quit smoking!

This is probably a good tip for anyone.  But if you care about plastic pollution, then you should have even more incentive to kick the habit.  Cigarette butts are one of the most common items found in beach cleans and can easily be mistaken for food by birds and sea life. Quitting smoking can help your wallet and your health. 

To Learn more about Single Use plastic: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/single-use-plastics-101#what

Save the Day 

EverettCC “Plan Swap Event”

Holy Horticultural Hyperbole, Plantman! The Plant Swap Returns April 25, 10-2.

You have a thing for free stuff, I hear. Luckily, you can grab up a load of plant stuff and all it will cost you is a smile!  It’s Plant Swap time, where we bring in great green gobs of growth to the Whitehorse Crit Space and you come and take it off our hands. All you need to do is have something to put your treasures in as you cart them away.

Right now is your opportunity to help out with donations of green things for the Swap. Think of any plants, seeds, bulbs, or implements of destruction you might want to donate for the swap and wander them over to drop off inside the Maintenance Office from 7-4 Monday-Thursday before the swap, and we’ll add them to the inventory. We’ve got people (like the incredible Dennis & Jill Ryan, the EvCC Grounds crew and WSU Horticulture group) that have already donated and potted up a ton of stuff for you. They can take your donations and get them sorted and appropriately potted.

So come on down and help the cause with some of your donations. More times and details are to be revealed as soon as we make them up, so send questions to sustainability@everettcc.edu and get your calendar marked in green for Plant Swap on April 25.

We are Hiring! 

Positions in the Sustainability Office provide a unique opportunity for students to impact the future of EvCC’s sustainable growth and management. Students working in the Sustainability Office are also responsible for assisting with developing and implementing future sustainability projects and programs at EvCC.

Participate on the Green Fee Committee as a voting member

Gather batteries and bulbs from campus recycling stations for proper disposal

Gather old printer cartridges from recycling stations, box up for shipping.

Help cover campus Sustainability events and work as backup of other team members

Sustainability Officer

Student chair of the Green Fee Committee (GFC)

Organizing and hosting the GFC meetings and events

Attend all ASB Senate meetings and provide updates to the ASB Senate

Prepares annual budget with the RCM for GFC, presents this to ASB Senate for review

Checks sustainability email and participates in outreach and email response

Data and Programs Coordinator

Checks and enters energy data through EnergyCap and utility invoices into EvCC Portfolio Manager profile

Checks sustainability email and participates in outreach and email response

Attends GFC meetings and events, reports any spikes or anomalies it utility use to RCM

For more information contact:

Student LIFE
Parks Student Union, Rm 209
Phone: 425-388-9561
Email: studentlife@everettcc.edu

How to Apply 1-2-3!

Fill out applications for the jobs you want to apply for by April 28, 2024:

Send any supplemental documents, such as a resume or cover letter to studentlife@everettcc.edu.
Free EvCC resources and resume assistance here! 

Email studentlife@everettcc.edu with any questions about your application. 

Requirements and Salary

Must be currently enrolled in 10 credits (unless otherwise described)

Must currently have a quarterly and cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5

Salary: $16.28 per hour

Hours: 12–16 hours per week (each position varies)
*RA compensation varies, see below for details.

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Learn more about EvCC Sustainability!  www.everettcc.edu/green

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